Telemergency Device: An Alternative to “I have fallen and can’t get up”

by Bonnie Trihus
Active American Mobility and Medical Supply

Have you ever worried about yourself, a neighbor, a friend, or someone in your family with health problems ? Do you wonder if your loved ones were at home alone and something happened to them that they may not be able to get to a telephone to call for help? I have personally experienced the anxiety of worrying about my loved ones.

Well……there is a solution to all of your concerns. The Telemergency Alert Device is a light weight pendent that you wear around your neck. In time of an emergency, you just press a button on the pendent that automatically dials 911 and/or up to 5 additional telephone numbers of your choice.

All that needs done to install the Telemergency Alert Device is simply spelled out in the installation guide. You must first connect the unit to your telephone line and then connect the AC adapter. Then you need to make sure that the Switch is moved to “normal” and set the 911 switch to “on”. Also, the speaker switch should be moved to “on” and finally the power switch must be “on”. After you have placed the switches in the appropriate position, you are ready to program the necessary phone numbers.

You have the choice to have 911 called first, and then the other phone numbers next. Or you can have your friends/family called first, and if noone responds 911 will be called automatically. During set up, you pre-program a message to be played when you press the pendent button. When an emergency occurs and if you are within hearing distance of your telephone base, you can communicate back and forth with the responder on the other line. If not, your pre-program message is played to indicate you have an emergency and are in need of assistance.
There is a battery backup (9 volt alkaline)available, but it is not included in the Telemergency Alert Device packet.
For those who are technically challenged and find the instruction guide to be too complicated, the Telemergency company will provide an “Installation for Dummies Guide“.

You truly no longer have to worry about your loved ones’ safety! For about $189.99, you can provide your loved ones with a Telemergency Unit and be relieved of your worries of them not being able to get help in time of an emergency. AND……there are NO MONTHLY FEES. The $189.99 covers the entire cost of the unit and for those who reside near one of the Active American Mobility store locations, the price includes the installation and set up of the unit.

We all have worries and concerns in our day to day lives, but if one of those concerns involve the safety and well being of our loved ones why not omit those fears from our life?

Bonnie Trihus, Marketing Representative
Active American Mobility and Medical Supply

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