About Us – Wheelchair & Accessibility Specialists Custom Wheelchair

Company History:

Active American was founded in 2002 by Solomon and Melissa Adams. The company was founded on the idea that people can come together with a service that truly improves the quality of life for others. Since 2002 thousands of clients have been assisted with their mobility and medical equipment needs. Active American received accreditation from “The Compliance Team “in the fall of 2007.  Complex rehab equipment, complex rehab equipment, complex rehab equipment

Mission Statement:

Active American Mobility is committed to improving the life of each client entrusted into our care. We are dedicated to patient education and a collaborative process with the entire healthcare team of each patient. We will hold ourselves to our standard of 10 commitments which are:

  1. Treat each client like family
  2. Call the client before they call us
  3. Tell the truth
  4. Keep our promises
  5. Inform not sell
  6. See problems as our opportunity to help
  7. Be compassionate
  8. Go the extra mile
  9. Listen
  10. Do the right thing