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What Are Your Options If You Need A Wheelchair?

Friday, January 4th, 2013

A wheelchair, put simply, is a chair with attached wheels that is designed to be used as a replacement for walking, typically to compensate for a temporary or permanent handicap. Wheelchair use can help people who have become unable to walk and cannot maintain some degree of independence, especially if they do not have the upper body strength needed to stay on the move.

Though many types of wheelchairs exist, they all share some basic characteristics. Most prominently, two large wheels provide most of the chair’s propulsion. The majority of wheelchairs include at least two smaller wheels to assist with balance and steering. Other common features include foot and leg rests, rigid, durable seats and padding designed to provide stability and comfort.

Perhaps the biggest decision to make when choosing a manual wheelchair is the frame type. Rigid-frame wheelchairs are made from aluminum or titanium welded together and have few moving parts. They are designed with performance in mind and require relatively little maintenance. Rigid wheelchairs conform to the shape of the user’s body and can be pushed along with relatively little energy, making them excellent choices for independent, physically fit people with good upper body strength. For many users, the rigid wheelchair comes to be an extension of the body.

Folding-frame wheelchairs are designed to be collapsible for easy storage, but their many moving parts require more maintenance and they tend to be heavier than rigid wheelchairs. These chairs also tend to take more energy to push and do not conform as well to the user’s body. Still, folding wheelchairs are favorable for less independent users, such as very young or elderly people. For instance, long-term care settings make extensive use of folding wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs are great for people who have the upper-body strength to keep pushing themselves all day long or long-term caregivers to help them stay mobile. Users who want to maintain their independence despite a lack of upper-body strength, however, often choose powered wheelchairs. Powered chairs tend to be substantially more expensive and require more maintenance than manual chairs, but for some, the independence afforded by a motorized chair or scooter is well worth the cost.

A standard handicap wheelchair typically has a 16, 18 or 20-inch seat and is designed to support weights up to 300 pounds. For somewhat heavier people, extra-wide wheelchairs are available with 22 or 24-inch seats and capacities up to 400 pounds. Bariatric wheelchairs usually have 26, 28 or 30-inch seats and can support up to 700 pounds; they often feature reclining seats to distribute the user’s weight in a more safe and comfortable manner. On the opposite end of the size spectrum, pediatric wheelchairs have smaller frames, lower seats and smaller weight capacities, usually up to 250 pounds.

Although wheelchairs are often associated with fairly permanent use, there are several reasons why a user may need to rent one temporarily. For instance, an illness or injury may render someone immobile temporarily, but not for a long enough time to require purchasing a wheelchair outright. People who use wheelchairs permanently may still find it more convenient to rent wheelchairs for travel purposes than to transport their own chairs when they are on the road. For these situations, medical supply companies offer rental wheelchairs in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some frequent travel destinations, such as theme parks and resorts, offer on-site rentals as well.

Though they are not perfect, wheelchairs represent opportunities for people with limited mobility to retain some independence and live normal lives. For people with strong upper bodies, rigid-frame wheelchairs can make maintaining an active lifestyle possible. For the elderly and disabled, wheelchairs can still provide plenty of mobility. Consider all the available options and find the wheelchair that is right for you.

Freedom Baby Freedom!

Friday, October 26th, 2012
Freedom Alert


Many of us have elderly parents that want to stay in their home, but perhaps, there are fears of falling or getting so sick they can’t call for help.   I know when I call to check on my parent and the phone rings and rings, or goes to voice mail – my anxiety goes up, my heart beats faster and my palms start sweating.  Thoughts race in my mind from “Could she be in the shower, or has she fallen and can’t get to the phone, or has something terrible happened?”

We at Active American Mobility and Medical supply are continuously looking for ways to help our patients and their families live a more stress-free and safe life. I would like to introduce an item I bought for my mom that has brought Freedom from worry for me and Freedom for her to remain independent in her own home.  It is called FREEDOM ALERT. This small device has a small pendent that my mom always wears and if an emergency arises, she can press the button.  The prerecorded message is sent to the 4 custom contacts.  I used to have my number first but now the program calls 911 first and me second.  That way we don’t waist precious time and the ambulance to be on the way the same time I am.
The FFREEDOM ALERT has brought me a sense of relief and has increased her sense of security to stay in the home.  The great think about this device is there are NO monthly feed or contracts.  It’s a onetime cost and can even travel with you to different locations.  If you would like to see one, please stop by any of the 3 showrooms and try it for yourself.  Freedom from worry is well worth the time.  The Freedom Alert is the perfect Christmas gift that continues to bring peace the whole year.

New Location

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

We have moved – but just around the corner. New address is 12999 Murpphy Rd Suite B1, Stafford, Tx

Home Access & Ramp; Modifications

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Active American Mobility & Medical Supply is VERY excited to announce the launch of a new websites, specifically tailored specifically to your needs. This site - AA Home Access – deals directly with handicap modifications to homes and businesses.

AA Home Access is an offshoot of our company that is a full-service construction company specializing in home additions and modifications and handicap/disability modifications. From wheelchair ramps to fully remodeled bathrooms for those that might be aging, handicapped or suddenly injured, AA Home Access can do it all.

Our home and handicap modification division can make your home, office, or even your yard, easily accessible by those on crutches OR in wheelchairs. Call today for more information on updating your home to the needs of those that live in it. BE COMFORTABLE!