Houston Handicap Remodeling & Disability Modification

Door Widening

Widening a doorway for increased mobility can possibly alter the structural integrity of your home which is why you need a qualified Houston handicap remodeling company for this type of major modification. Our door widening professionals know that doors mounted in load bearing walls require different adjustments than those mounted in non-load bearing walls. Disability modifications can seem simple, but tasks like widening doorways are actually full of special factors to consider.

Our craftsmen know the structural alterations that may need to be made to framing and we know that a widened doorway means a new part of the floor may need to be refinished, the drywall will need to be re-hung or modified and electrical switches may need to be relocated if they are close to the original door frame. Contact our team of experts through our website or simply by phone to arrange for an in home visit and we will be happy to explain how we can correct your mobility challenges.

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